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The second book in Soraya's 'Montana' series. Buy here!





The third book in Soraya's 'Montana' series. Buy here!

"Nobody tugs at the heartstrings like Soraya Lane... this talented storyteller continues to affirm her position as one of the genre's boldest and most talented writers."




Reviews for Soraya's books!

"I was blown away by Soldier on Her Doorstep! An intensely emotional, highly affecting and beguiling tale of redemption, second chances and the healing power of love, Soldier on Her Doorstep will touch your heart and make you shed a tear. Soraya Lane is an immensely talented writer who makes you feel every single emotion which her characters are going through without resorting to cliché or melodrama. Instead, she writes with great understanding and sensibility about the pain, the sorrow and the heartbreaking consequences of grief.

Wonderfully written, intelligently told and packed with humanity and heart, Soldier on Her Doorstep is the sensational debut novel by a fabulous writer with a very bright future ahead of her: Soraya Lane!"



"SOLDIER ON HER DOORSTEP (4.5) by Soraya Lane: Lisa Kennedy is surprised when soldier Alex Dane brings her unmailed letters from her deceased husband. Determined to encourage the reluctant soldier to open up to her about her husband’s last days, Lisa invites Alex to stay with her and her daughter Lilly for a few days. Lilly, who has been mute since her father’s death, begins to open up to Alex. Lisa and Alex are attracted to one another, but Alex feels guilty about stepping into the life of the buddy who died protecting him. This is a beautiful story about the healing power of love and understanding."

-Romantic Times (RT also nominated Soldier on Her Doorstep for an RT Seal of Excellence & and two RT Reviewer's Choice Awards!)


"I really liked this book. I did tear up a bit and I laughed at others. I don't ever want to imagine having a husband who died at war. Would I be as graceful as Lisa was? I don't know and never want to know. This was a beautiful story because it was realistic and no one jumped into things without thinking. And I like that in books. Also seeing a man love another man's child is something that aches in the heart and makes you fall more in love with that man. Simply beautiful! A 5 out of 5 stars and a definite Good Choice for reading!"

-Wanda, Good Choice Reading

"As a reader, there's a certain magic in discovering a new author, especially one who is just starting out.  It always makes me feel smart and a little "hip" to get in on the ground floor, instead of playing catch-up well after the fact (which is what I'm doing most of the time).  In only her second published book, The Army Ranger's Return by Soraya Lane totally nails it for me.  That feeling I get when I read a really well-done, well-executed category romance.  Yes, reading any type of good book is rewarding, but category holds that little bit of added magic for me.  If this story is anything to go by?  That added magic is emotional intensity."

-Wendy The Super Librarian